San Antonio Dog Doors and Cat Flaps

Can you hold it for 8 hours?

Why should your pet have to?  Having a pet door installed means freedom for your pet to do it's business outside. 


Money is saved in several ways:

  • Carpet cleaning costs
  • Replacement furnishings from pets boredom or frustration
  •  No speeding tickets for hurrying home to let them out

Your pet deserves good health.  Holding it in can cause stress on their bladder and kidneys.  This means lower vet bills and a healthier pet.

San Antonio Pet Doors: Visit Our Sister Site

Pet Door
Pet Door

Alamo Pet Doors & Pet Fences has chosen Plexidor TM Pet Doors, Hale Pet Doors , and Sure PetCare microchip pet doors because all of these products are designed by people who love pets and because of their commitment to the end user.  All have extraordinary warranties on their products.

Pet Door Installations Available

Window Pet Door Installation San Antonio
Window Pet Door Installation San Antonio

Installing a dog door, cat flap, or pet door is no easy task. We have the experts and tools on hand for pet door installations through all door types and various walls.  Walls?  Yes, we will put them through brick, stone, and other exterior wall surface types.  We have even installed them in windows. 


French doors, sliding glass doors?   No problem!  We are the experts for these pet door installations in the San Antonio area.

French Door Dog Door
French Door Dog Door

Whether it is your door or ours, we will install any type of doggie door or cat flap at a reasonable price.  Free Estimates Available On Line.  Interested in doing it yourself....We offer same day shipping on all pet doors in stock.  Contact us for more information!


Bizkit wishes he had a pet door!!!