Hale Pet Door Installations in Glass, Brick Walls, & French Doors

Below are some recent Hale pet door installations in sliding glass doors and full glass doors in the San Antonio area.

As the first authorized dealer and installer of Hale Pet doors in San Antonio, we are the experts and have the experience that will allow customers of Pet Stop of San Antonio to recieve professional pet door installation as well as great customer service.  Hale pet doors have many applications that most people do not even think of.  A pet door in a regular people door is what is often thought of, but what about a pet door in a french door or a window?  How about a pet door in a sliding glass door?  A pet door through a brick wall?  We are the experts in all of these pet door installations as the gallery shows above.


Regardless of the application, Pet Stop of San Antonio can meet with you to determine the best location for a pet door in your home.  Contact John Moya to schedule an in home free estimate or consultation at 210-764-6024 or Request a Free Estimate On Line.



Labor Pricing

Installation Type      Installation Charge
Wood or Metal Doors $169
French Doors**** ***
Standard Wall ( Vinyl, Hardy, Wood)         $308
Stucco Wall $357
Brick Wall $412
Stone/ Block Wall $485


Contact us for in glass installations as pricing will vary based on glass dimensions and pet door size.


Pet door pricing will be based on pricing found on Hale Website.