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Before Pet Stop After Pet Stop

The above photos are before and after pictures of an upgrade from Invisible Fence Brand equipment to Pet Stop.  The replacement of 2 Invisible Fence Brand ICT-725 transmitters with one Pet Stop transmitter.  The Pet Stop transmitter operates 2 loops; one around a pool area and the exterior 5 acre loop.   This is a money saver because a customer does not have to pay for a second transmitter.  The sprinkler box was also replaced.

Invisible Fence® of San Antonio not so invisible.

The following gallery is what a highly priced Invisible Fence® installation should not look like.  Besides the obvious, please read the captions to find out what is wrong.

Don't put up with bad Invisible Fence® installations!

Let us upgrade your Invisible Fence® system

Invisible Fence® of San Antonio Trade in specials:  Our Pet Stop® electronic containment system is available for up to 50% discount when trading in a comparable model Invisible Fence® transmitter, receiver or system.


We offer a Powercap® compatible replacement battery to fit any model Invisible Fence® R-21 Computer Collar®.  Call for special pricing on these high grade replacement batteries.


For any Invisible Fence® of San Antonio current user, we provide a one time 50% discount for our basic service fee.  This can include a wire repair, system check, flag and train, etc.


Our Pet Stop® brand dog containment products can be programmed to work on most containment systems on the market.  We can match competitors signals as needed.  You can upgrade just one component or an entire system using the existing wire.

Ask us for special trade in prices on Invisible Fence® or other brands of electric dog fences.  We are not associated with Invisible Fence®, PetSafe®, or Dogwatch®.  We offer Invisible Fence® Power Cap® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible dog fence collars and transmitters that work with Invisible Fencing® and most industry wide pet fence products for less!

Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc.  Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company. Power Cap® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company. PetSafe® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation.  Invisible Fence® Brand by PetSafe® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation.   Dogwatch® is a registered trademark of Dogwatch Inc.