Plexidor FAQ's



Why is the Plexidor a Better Pet Door?


Metal frame doors are better for larger pets because they break the plastic frames more easily. If you live in a harsh climate, The Plexidor has the best weather seal and greatest longevity. Over time the Plexidor is the least costly to operate because you will not be replacing vinyl flaps. The Plexidor will also keep the heat or air conditioning in much better than mud flap type pet doors. This saves on your energy bill.


Does a pet door make it easier to break in?


A small or medium pet door is too small for a human to get through. The large and extra large pet doors may be large enough for a person to get through, but the size of the door is a deterrent to would-be burglars. The PlexidorTM Electronic has over 1000's of key codes.


How do I train my pet to use the door?


Most pets learn in 5 seconds to 5 days. You should prop open the door for your pet to begin with and entice your pet through with a treat. Do this several times in succession. Then close the pet door and entice the pet through several times in succession. For dogs, all of this is usually accomplished in 20 minutes or less. With cats it may take a little longer. For an added incentive with cats it is best to put something they want on the other side of the pet door, like their food dish or litter box.


Can other pets , animals or insects get in this door?


It is possible for other animals to get through the door. Dogs usually are territorial enough to keep other animals from coming in. If you are concerned about animals getting in, you can get the electronic Plexidor TM. Cats will let anyone in, so if you have neighboring cats or a racoon in the area, you should consider an electronic Plexidor TM. As far as insects go, we have never had any reports of the Plexidor TM being a problem area for insects.


What does “Framing Depth” mean?


This is the measurement from the inside frame of the pet door to the outside frame of the pet door. For example, a pet door on a house door would have a framing depth of 1 ¾ inches, but on a wall the framing depth might be 6 to 12 inches. A “0” framing depth means the pet door simply screws onto the surface and has no self framing tunnel lining between the inside frame and the outside frame of the pet door.


Can I install a pet door in glass?


Yes, but there are some limiting factors. You cannot cut tempered glass, but you can order a new piece of tempered glass with the hole already in it. Installation in glass is not always possible. We recommend using a half light house door with glass on top and material on the bottom.


How do I keep some pets in and let others out?


The best way to control certain pets from entering or exiting the home is to use an electronic Plexidor TM. The pet you wish to give freedom will wear a collar with a sensor attached that controls the opening and closing of the pet door. And you can control the timing of how long the door remains open. It is not possible to keep a cat inside that is friendly with the dog. An indoor Pet Stop Fence has worked for keeping cats inside but letting the dogs go out.


Can I install the pet door myself?


Yes, you can purchase a pet door on a cash & carry basis. Most doors come with a set of instructions and few tools are needed. However, some installations are more complicated and require a professional to handle the job. It is especially recommended that you let us install the pet door if a wall install is needed, as there are many factors to consider when cutting into a wall.

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