Cooper's Story

Cooper had frustrated his owners for quite some time.  Every time a car would pass by, he would chase it down the road for quite a ways.  Initially the owners would chase after him and try to call him back.  After some time the owners stopped chasing him.  It wasn't until Cooper chased the police down the road that the owners realized that something needed to be done...Cooper could of went to jail!


They called Pet Stop of San Antonio for an estimate to do 2 acres.  When John arrived, Cooper was not a very nice puppy.  He actually knipped John's left butt cheek.  John laughs about it now, saying it is part of the job. 


During  John's visit, a moped drove by and Copper took off after it.  The owner said he will come back when he gets tired.  Minutes later he came back.  You could see the frustration in the owners face, kids could be walking by; since Cooper likes butt cheeks, that could present a problem.  Also, cars driving by could actually hurt Cooper and a big vet bill is the last thing the owners need.


Cooper, the cars, butt cheeks and other things that utilize the road are now safe and out of harms way.  Cooper may not like it, but Pet Stop of San Antonio has definetely brought the owners a "Peace of Mind" that they did not have before.

Camie's Story

Camie has a unique story.  She graduated recently from a level one obedience course and is a very smart puppy.  Congratulations Camie! Our pet door installers gave her a door that she could use any time her owner does not have the security panel in place.  Camie no longer has to hold it which is great on her tiny kidneys.


Her owner did have a fence to keep her from playing with other neighbors.  Although playing with neighbors is not bad when it is supervised, it is the unsupervised portion that concerned her owner.  With new construction in the area and Camie being inquisitive, her owner did not want to take a chance in losing her.  The HOA of this neighborhood has to approve traditional fencing, but with Pet Stop of San Antonio's hidden pet fence system, it was a different story.  The HOA had no problem approving this type of system and the installation took place.


Camie was trained utilizing Pet Stop's GentleSteps training method.  This resulted in stress free training for both Camie and her owner.  Camie learned very quickly and was off leash in one week.  She has yet to feel the maintenance level static corrections.


When we went back to program the collar from the training mode to the maintenance mode, we actually took off the collar and she would not cross the flagline.  Amazing!  Our hats off to the owner for doing an amazing job during the training.  Keep up the good work!

Symba's Story

Symba is a 4 month old kitty kat that loves the outdoors!  Her owners decided on a pet door to let her access the backyard.  With remodeling and expansion taking place in their home, they were limited to where they could install a traditional pet door.  In the wall was not an option either.


Pet Stop of San Antonio provided a solution....we put it through a window!  Each window pet door is custom made by Hale Pet Door and we install them. 


Symba uses this pet door on a daily bases!  She is starting to use the litter box less and less. We can only assume that she thinks the backyard is a much better litter box!

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