Outdoor Electronic Dog Fence/ Cat Fence

Outdoor dog fence
Outdoor dog fence

Electronic Dog Fences and Cat Fences are fully custumizable to prevent pets from entering into unwanted areas such as floorbeds and swimming pools.  In this example, your pet/ pets will not have access beyond the dotted lines. 

Outdoor electronic dog fences/ cat fences are solutions to these problems:

  • Digging under or jumping over traditional fencing
  • Destroying landscaping and other property
  • Running away or bolting   

The number of pets that you can have on hidden fences are not limited. To add a new family member to the dog fence/ cat fence, simply purchase an additional collar.

Indoor Electronic Dog Fence/ Cat Fence

Indoor hidden dog fencing and cat fencing can be utilized as well.  Indoor electric dog fences and cat fences can provide solutions for pets that can't stay off the sofa, table, and counter tops.  For owners that have both cats and dogs, this can prevent Spot from having Kitty's tasty litter box treats that he so loves. For Kitty, we can prevent her from going outside through Spot's doggie door.


We have a genuine concern for keeping your pet protected and out of harms way. Our dedication to your pet's overall safety goes "hand-in-paw".   Pet Stop of San Antonio can provide you with a customized hidden dog fence or hidden cat fence solution with the "Most Humane" and the "Most Secure" electronic pet fence system on the market.